I have been a figurative artist captivated by the beauty of the line, form, movement of the human figure for many years.  In the summer of 2015, during a period of deep stasis, I began to work with ink and brush. I have become captivated by the mysterious fluidity of ink – a different kind of fluidity than oil paint, watercolor, or fluid acrylics. Ink has power in a saturation level that is deep and rich, and a mercurial nature of ‘giving itself over’ to the brush that I find inspiring and seductive. The texture of the paper is equally seductive – it responds immediately to every draw of ink across its surface; sometimes breaking through with striking contrast or in a quiet reveal. These materials have led me, for the time being, away from the drawn figure to drawn movement, space, effect, atmosphere, and to an aesthetic experience of the beautiful in the immediacy of drawing.